What is the Best Way to Fix Spider Cracks in Headlights?

 Long use and age make vehicles develop all kinds of cosmetic faults. One of the most common cosmetic issues is spider cracks on the headlights. Spider cracks are usually small, surface-level cracks that radiate out from the center of a headlight just like a spider … Read more

Why Do Headlights Dim When Hitting The Brakes?

You are not alone If you have ever been driving your car and noticed your headlights appear dim when you hit the brakes. This is a common phenomenon and can be a bit confusing and worrisome. Poor visibility and flickering of headlights can lead to … Read more

How To Turn Off Automatic Headlights 

Automatic headlights are a great convenience, but when you are driving in areas that are brightly lit, you may want to turn them off. Doing so can help you save fuel and ensure your headlights are not left on when you don’t need them. Regardless … Read more

Guide to Making Headlights Flash Alternately

It’s essential for drivers to have fully functioning headlights that provide the necessary visibility for safe driving. If you are a vehicle owner, you will want your lights to be in good condition. And If you want to make your headlights flash alternately for aesthetics … Read more

Why Do Rally Cars Have Tape on Their Headlights?

Rally cars are fascinating machines, and one of their most recognizable features is the tape often found on their headlights. But why is this? This article explains the purpose of the tape and the advantages it offers to rally car drivers. The tape, which is … Read more

Finding the Ideal Gauge Of Wire for Headlight Installations

Finding the Ideal Gauge Of Wire for Headlight Installations

Selecting the right wire for automobile Installations and maintenance of electrical systems is a major factor in keeping the vehicle’s electrical systems operating as designed. There are many types of headlight wires, and understanding which types are best suited for your vehicle can be confusing. … Read more

Why Is My Vehicle Headlight Bulb Smoking?

Is Magic Eraser Safe On Vehicle Headlights?

Vehicle headlight bulbs usually can break down, smoke, get burnt or even get damaged and degraded. Headlight bulbs can be smoking if they have not been professionally installed, are made from low-quality materials, or if the heat sink is not large enough. This is a common … Read more

What Causes One Headlight to Be Brighter Than the Other?

If you’ve ever noticed that one of your headlights seems to be brighter than the other, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that can have a few different causes. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of dirty or damaged headlight lenses. However, … Read more

Does Tinting Your Headlights Affect Brightness & Visibility?

Does Tinting Your Headlights Affect Brightness & Visibility?

When it comes to headlights, there is a lot of debate over tinting. Some people think that it’s a great way to change the look of the car, others feel it will help increase the lifespan of their headlights by protecting it from direct scratches … Read more

Why Can’t You Touch A Car Headlight Bulb?

Why Can't You Touch A Car Headlight Bulb?

The headlight of your car is one of the most vital parts of your car, as it helps you see road hazards at night and in bad weather. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most delicate parts of your car—and one that can easily break. The … Read more