What is the Best Way to Fix Spider Cracks in Headlights?

 Long use and age make vehicles develop all kinds of cosmetic faults. One of the most common cosmetic issues is spider cracks on the headlights. Spider cracks are usually small, surface-level cracks that radiate out from the center of a headlight just like a spider web, this can give your vehicle a neglected look. However, there are a few ways to have these spider cracks fixed or hidden in headlights to make your vehicle look new again.

 In this post, we will look at some of the best ways to fix spider cracks in headlights. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to make your car appear better, stay with us on this article.

Causes of spider cracks in headlights 

There are certainly numerous causes of spider cracks on headlights. Some of these include:

1. Moisture change:

Once there is a moisture change in the headlight, the heat accumulates which could possibly cause a spider crack to occur.

2. Temperature changes:

 When humid air gets into the headlight assembly, over time the temperature would change drastically, causing condensation or even putting stress on the housing.

3. Wrong replacement of bulbs:

When you replace your bulbs with a different one other than the stock bulbs, they might run hotter leading to cracking. 

An attempt to upgrade to a powerful bulb is enough to heat damage the reflectors, outer shell and lens as well as the radiator.

4. High-wattage globes:

This is a common cause occurring plenty of times. People often try the cheap way for more light, this could lead to the bulb overheating and melting. This can destroy looms along with housing

5.  Ultra-violet light:

 UV light can affect the plastic used in covering the lights leading to spider cracks on the headlights. UV light from the sun would break down the plastic used in recent headlight covering and this will eventually result in the car’s headlights cracking.

Headlight spider Cracking Issues

How to repair spider cracks in headlights

Repairing spider cracks in the headlight could be confusing but not to worry, in this section we shall look into this. To repair spider cracks depends on how badly damaged the headlight lens is. If there is only a small spider crack, you can be able to repair it to prevent moisture from entering into the assembly. But If the crack is large or the lens is shattered, you may have to get a new headlight.

Simple steps to fix spider cracks in headlights

If you are sure and confident the crack looks repairable then below is a step-by-step way to get it fixed:

  • Clean the headlight thoroughly with a cleaning solution to remove all grime and dirt.
  • Sand the headlight with a fine grit to create an even-out smooth surface.
  • Assemble the tools and materials you will be needing for the repair.
  • Apply an exterior-grade or UV-resistant clear coat to seal in the repair
  • Allow the repair to sit before driving the vehicle

Tips on how to prevent the occurrence of spider cracks

You do not have to wait for your headlights to shatter before you start taking precautions. You need to start learning how to prevent the occurrence even if you do not want to experience that. Here are quick tips on how to prevent a cracked headlight occurrence:

  • Operate your vehicle cautiously
  • Do not expose the headlight to extreme temperature
  • Use a stock bulb that best fits your vehicle’s headlight
  • Ensure you use a normal wattage globe
  • If possible do not patronize a headlight with a plastic covering.


It’s not safe to drive around town with a broken or cracked headlight as this will pose a threat to you and other road users.  driving with a one-sided spider-cracked headlight is also not a good idea. Once you notice a change in your car’s visibility and trace it to spider crack, kindly visit your mechanic.


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