Can You Check That You’re Not Blinding Other Drivers At Night?

Can You Check That You’re Not Blinding Other Drivers With Your Headlights

This is a question that many drivers ask themselves at some point. Noticing that you struggle at night when almost everyone is using their headlights wrongly and throwing all full beams around, you may wonder if you are doing same to others and feel if there is a way you can check that you are … Read more

Why Do I Struggle To See When Driving At Night?

Why Do I Struggle To See When Driving At Night

In the dark, even a single vehicle can be intimidating. As the sun sets, there are a few things that can be scary like driving a dark road, with little protection from the elements, a lack of visibility and the possibility of unseen hazards on the street. You may be struggling to drive at night … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Tinting Headlights

Frequently Asked Questions About Tinting Headlights

People tend to tint their headlights for different reasons. However, despite this ever-increasing popularity, tinting of headlights is replete with risks highlighted in local traffic safety rules and regulations. Without any doubts, headlight tints add beauty to your vehicle and can also make it stand out among others anywhere. There are many things that come … Read more

What Can You Use To Make Dirty Headlights Look New?

What Can You Use To Make Dirty Headlights Look New

Vehicle headlights commonly get dirtied or muddied by either sunlight or the process of oxidation especially when the vehicles are not cleaned regularly or where they are kept without being driven for long periods. When it comes to cleaning these foggy headlights to make them bright once again, you have a range of options. First, … Read more

Answers To Common Questions About Broken Headlight Lenses


Issues commonly arise due to problems associated with broken headlight lenses. These problems relate to either partial or complete damage as well as any discolouration in the lens due to oxidation by sunlight. Sometimes, the lens can even get burnt possibly as a fall out of faults in the lens of the second headlight. In … Read more

Why Would Both My Headlight Go Out?

Why Would Both My Headlight Go Out

Whenever your headlights are out either totally or one at a time, it is mostly due to faulty components, such as its fuse, relay, or even the module, among several other reasons too. Wiring problems can also be behind the headlights failing to function partially or even completely too. In addition, your headlights can also … Read more

Do Daytime Running Light Count As Headlights?

In most places, daylight running lights/lamps do not count as headlights. As a matter of fact, daytime running lights are not permitted to be used as headlights in the first place, an action which is both illegal and punishable if you dare, according to the dictates of the law. However, a lot of models and … Read more

Driving A Vehicle With One Headlight At Night?

can you drive with one headlight in the night

There is a good chance that if you are driving with one headlight at night, you could get pulled over by the cops for reckless driving. It is also the same if you are driving a car with 2 working parking lights up the road. In this case, you can get a citation for disobedience … Read more