US Auto Lights Operation: What You Should Know

Interior light

The American automotive industry has been a shining example of innovation and technological advancement. The industry has come a long way since the days of Henry Ford and the Model T. Today, automobile manufacturers are pushing the limits of what’s possible with cutting-edge features, state-of-the-art … Read more

Do All Cars Have Automatic Headlights?

In the past few decades, technological advancements have revolutionized the automotive industry. From self-driving cars to electric vehicles, innovation continues to change the way we drive and use cars. One of the most important safety features in modern vehicles is automatic headlights, which turn on … Read more

Why Do Car Lights Dim When Starting The Engine? 

Headlight Washer Systems: Usage and Benefits

As drivers, we rely on our vehicles to get us from point A to point B safely and efficiently. However, have you ever noticed that your car lights dim or flicker when you start the engine? This can be a concerning issue for any driver, … Read more

Audi Auto Lights: Details You Need To Know

Audi headlight

Audi is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, performance, and innovation. One of the most striking features of an Audi vehicle is its lighting system. Audi has always been at the forefront of lighting technology, using advanced lighting systems to enhance visibility and safety … Read more

Auto lights inoperative? Causes, Solutions & More

How Does Acceleration Affect Vehicle Headlight Brightness?

Auto lights are an essential safety feature in any vehicle. They help drivers navigate safely through dark and dangerous conditions, alert other drivers of their presence, and comply with traffic laws. However, many drivers have experienced instances where their auto lights suddenly stop working, leaving … Read more

Is Goo Gone A Perfect Headlight Cleaner?

Is Goo Gone A Perfect Headlight Cleaner?

Goo Gone is an adhesive cleaner that has been around for a while now and has kept many wondering if it is the perfect headlight cleaner for your vehicle headlights. This product easily removes dirt, dust, and grime without any hard scrubbing and many wonder … Read more

How to Remove Light Bulb Stuck In Headlight Housing

How to Remove Light Bulb Stuck In Headlight Housing

It can be incredibly frustrating when you notice that the light bulb in your headlight housing is stuck and won’t budge. You may find yourself asking what can be done to fix the issue, as it is an important part of ensuring your headlight works … Read more

Why Dash Lights Dim When Headlights Turn On


This phenomenon of dash lights going dim when the headlights are turned on is actually quite common and there are a few potential explanations. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why dash lights dim when your headlights are turned on. The potential … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Making Headlight Retaining Clip

Headlight retaining clips are essential for keeping the vehicle headlights in place, and when they go missing, it can be difficult to find a good replacement. The headlight retaining clips are not always easy to install, which can make repairing or replacing them an arduous … Read more

What To Do If Only One Vehicle Headlight Works

can you drive with one headlight in the night

Having only one working headlight on a vehicle can be more than just an inconvenience; it can be a safety hazard. Driving a vehicle with one headlight is illegal in most states and can leave you vulnerable to receiving a costly ticket. Moreover, having only … Read more