How To Effectively Remove Tint From Headlights

Does Tinting Your Headlights Affect Brightness & Visibility?

Tinted headlights can be a great way to add a unique look to your vehicle if you like and enjoy the look and feel of having one. In the same way the windscreen can be tinted, that is how headlights are also tinted. But come … Read more

Flickering Headlights When Braking? What To Do

Flickering Headlights When Braking? What To Do

The flickering headlight can be worrisome as it leaves you confused and scattered. It is important to identify the underlying reason for flickering headlights when braking in order to ensure your safety and that of other drivers on the road. By understanding the causes of … Read more

Causes & Solutions of Buzzing Headlight Noise

Car Headlight

Headlight buzzing often leads to a great deal of frustration in car owners and drivers alike. Whether it is the distraction of the sound while you are driving, or a costly repair bill to fix the issue, it is important to understand the causes of … Read more

How To Fix The Common Issue of LED Turn Signals Not Flashing With Headlights On

If you have ever been out on the road and noticed that your LED turn signal lights are not flashing when you have your headlights on, then you’re not alone. This is a common issue for many vehicles. We will provide a step-by-step guide on … Read more

How To Remove Spray Tint From Headlights

It’s no secret that professionally tinted headlights offer a sleek and polished look to any car. However, after some time spray tints can start to fade and wear off, compromising the look of your car. To make sure your car always looks its best, it’s … Read more

Are Smoked Headlights Legal In Florida?

Are Smoked Headlights Legal In Florida?

Smokey headlights can be a major safety hazard, which is why drivers in Florida should be aware of the laws and regulations regarding them. Not only can driving with smoked headlights be dangerous, but it can also result in fines and costly repairs. In this … Read more

Why Does My Headlight Fuse Keep Blowing?

can you drive with one headlight in the night

This is a question most vehicle owners must have asked at a stage after the purchase of their vehicle and in case you have not had an experience, expect it soonest. ‘Why do my headlight fuse and relay keep blowing ‘ is a question asked … Read more

Why Do My Headlights Dim When Turning Steering Wheel?

Headlights can get dim when turning the steering for different reasons, which vary with vehicle type, quality of bulb and what have you! You need to understand why your headlight gets dim while steering because if you find yourself returning from the office at late … Read more