Why Are There No More Glass Headlights?

Why are there no more glass headlights?

Glass-based vehicle headlamps are one of the coolest automotive technologies on the market. But they are not as common as you might think. If you had to rely on your car’s headlights for illumination, you’d be in trouble. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options. … Read more

Can You Drive With A Damaged Headlight Lens?

Can You Drive With A Damaged Headlight Lens?

Headlights are essential components of automobiles. Essentially, they are used to provide illumination when driving, especially during dark hours. The headlight system comprises a reflective mirror, a light bulb, some electric wires and a headlight lens. While it may be an obvious thing to have … Read more

Is It Okay To Drive With A Damaged Headlight Cover?


It’s normal for headlights to be used between sunset to sunrise. In many places, the two headlights of any vehicle must be perfectly functional by law and should be covered using headlight covers in most cases. If you got your cover damaged somehow and wondering … Read more

Should You Drive With Cracked Headlight Lens?

cracked headlight lens

Modern cars have headlight bulbs that are covered by a polycarbonate lens which may become cracked or pitted with time as a result of which your headlight could become dimmed. If you are worried about whether you should drive with your cracked headlight lens, the … Read more

Can You Drive With A Broken Headlight During The Day?


It’s totally normal to be worried about whether you can drive with a broken headlight during the day, or not. As long as vehicle laws are concerned, you do not want to get into any serious problem, so I understand why you may not be … Read more