Do Daytime Running Light Count As Headlights?

In most places, daylight running lights/lamps do not count as headlights. As a matter of fact, daytime running lights are not permitted to be used as headlights in the first place, an action which is both illegal and punishable if you dare, according to the dictates of the law. However, a lot of models and makes of cars are not equipped with tail lights but are instead provided with automatic lights. Taillights or even other lights for that matter is needed when the headlights are required to be switched on at the appropriate time.

Notably, daytime running lights or DRL’s are those points of light found mostly on the front of a car that is constantly on, as long as the engine is turned on or revving, regardless of whether the car is moving or stationary. Quite unlike traditional headlights, daytime running lights are fairly dim in comparison to headlights and do not illuminate the road much as headlights do. Daytime running lights work very well with LED bulbs. For this reason, car manufacturers produce the high beam headlight bulbs to glow dimly for DRL in sending pulsing power to the light bulbs.

Daytime running lamp for headlights

In the rest of the article, you will find more details about daytime running lights and also answers to other related questions.

What are daytime running lights?

Primarily, daytime running lights, or DRL’s, as they are commonly called, are the vehicle’s low beam lights which are always on as long as the engine is turned on. In addition, they could also be your low beam headlights on normal power, fog lights that can run on even very low power too. Furthermore, they can also be special lights that function for this special reason as well. They are automotive lighting and bicycle lighting devices on the front of a road-going moto road-going even a bicycle too. They are automatically turned on the moment the handbrake of the vehicle is pushed down or inactivated, or even when gears are engaged. Mostly, they emit any white, yellow, or amber lights.

Are daytime running lights considered normal headlights?

For what it is worth, daytime running lights cannot take the place of conventional headlights. First off, they are not as bright as headlights, and secondly, they emit mostly coloured lights such as yellow or green lights, and indeed other coloured hues as well as other light types, which are not supposed to be used as headlights.

So, yes, daytime running lights are not an alternative to conventional headlights in most places, some of which are normal fog lights, tail lights, and indeed most other small lights that come on whenever the engine is revving.

Can I drive with daytime running lights?

Yes, you can drive with daytime running lights for the different functions they serve but not as a replacement or alternatives to regular headlights at night. This is because first, they are not as bright as the traditional headlights, and second, because they are usually produced in various coloured lights that are not permitted to be used as headlights. Headlights should be very bright, white, or uncoloured, which daytime running lights are not.

Are daytime running lights and headlights the same bulb?

No, the bulbs of daytime running lights are not the same as those of regular headlights. For example, both the headlights and daytime running lights may use LED bulbs, but the bulbs used in headlights are different in the sense that they are brighter and exude mainly very bright white light, whereas daytime running lights are not as bright and could also produce coloured lights which are not allowed to be used in headlights.

Is it illegal to drive with only the daytime running lights?

No, it is not illegal to drive with daytime running lights in the day when headlights are not necessary. However, if you are driving at night, what is required is your headlight and not any illegal alternative. For what it is worth, daytime running lights cannot take the place of regular headlights due to their comparatively dim lights and coloured natures, which do not allow you to see the road clearly at night.

DRL in place of vehicle headlights?


Daytime running lights include such lights as fog light, rear light, and indeed all other lights that promptly come on the moment the engine of the vehicle is running or as soon as you engage a gear in the vehicle. Although you can not use daytime running lights as an alternative to the regular headlights, they still have their various functions for safe and proper use of the vehicle in any traffic.


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