Why Are My Headlights Staying On While Driving During The Day?

Basically, headlights are provided in vehicles for use when visibility is reduced, such as at night. Commonly, headlights should be switched off at the onset of light in the mornings and turned on at sundown.  Despite all these, certain conditions may necessitate changes in how and when headlights are used.

In this post, I will be answering the question about why your headlights keep staying on while you drive during the day, what is the major cause and if it can be managed.

Driving with automatic headlights or daytime running lamps during day-Headlight

What makes my headlights stay on in the day?

Your headlights are meant to be on at night mainly. However, certain conditions can make them to stay on during the day. One, they may stay on if the sensor that controls their operation goes bad. This sensor is configured to turn on the lights when it is dark, as well as to turn them off at the first sign of light in the day. When this sensor is bad, there is the possibility of the headlights malfunctioning by staying on during the day. Secondly, where the operation of the headlight is a manual one, the headlights can stay on if you have forgotten to switch them off in the day. Thirdly, your headlights can stay on during the day when there is a fog or any mist in the atmosphere that will prevent other drivers from seeing you clearly.

Do headlights have to be on during the day?

Headlights do not have to be on during the day except when there are good reasons to do so. For instance, when there are any particles in the air such that clear visibility is impaired, you are at liberty to turn on headlights during the day so that you can see the road clearly, as well as enable other road users to see you too. Otherwise, headlights are primarily a night or dark requirement.

Should I leave my headlights on while driving during the day?

No, you shouldn’t, except when not doing so is bound to negatively affect your driving safety, such as may be occasioned by poor visibility in certain weather conditions. If you fail to do so at these times, you may essentially be putting both your life and those of other road users at risk.

How do I stop my headlights from turning on automatically during the day?

Usually, vehicle headlights come on during the day if your car happens to have bad or faulty headlight sensors. When this happens, the lights may come on automatically at times when they shouldn’t. If that happens, the best solution is to get the bad sensors fixed. Apart from faulty sensors, your headlights can also come on in the day when there is any fault in the conducting wires that convey current to the lights. If this is your complaint, get a qualified auto electrician to resolve it.

Can I turn off my headlights when they come on during the day?

Yes, you can turn off your headlights if they come on during the day. Most modern cars are equipped with a feature that would enable the vehicles to do this automatically. However, if for some reason they fail to, you also have the option of doing it manually, if you wish. If you can’t do so, something may be wrong with your headlights or the wiring,  and you will do well to get it checked by an auto mechanic.

Reasons why my headlights will stay on while not in use in the day

Ideally, your headlights should be turned on only when you need them that way to enable you to drive safely. However, they may stay on during the day when you don’t need them when there is a fault somewhere in the electrical connections or even the sensors themselves.  Another reason why headlights may stay on during the day could be when you are working on them, and at the same time testing to see whether they are working perfectly. Other than these instances, headlights hardly stay on during the day.


Headlights are meant to be used at night such that you will be able to see the road clearly for your safety and others. However, certain conditions may necessitate their use at such times that are not meant, such as during the day. This commonly happens whenever the conditions of the weather impede clear visibility. There have also been instances when headlights were used in the day during an eclipse of the sun. Whatever may be happening, it is always easy to reverse any complaint or issues you may have with them.


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