Cleaning Your Vehicle Headlights Yourself

Cleaning Your Vehicle Headlights Yourself

If you are interested in how to clean your vehicle headlights on your own, or you have ever struggled with getting your vehicle headlights clean, you will probably find the content on this page useful. When it comes to your vehicle, you are in charge. You can choose to not go to the professionals and … Read more

Should You Tint Your Headlights Or Not?

Should You Tint Your Headlights Or Not?

When you install car headlight tints, it gives your car a somewhat exclusive appearance, and what is more, you spend very little in achieving this aesthetics that will make your car stand out among many others too. Furthermore, the tint comes provided in either rolls or pre-cut flat sheets designed according to the model of … Read more

Why Would Both My Headlight Go Out?

Why Would Both My Headlight Go Out

Whenever your headlights are out either totally or one at a time, it is mostly due to faulty components, such as its fuse, relay, or even the module, among several other reasons too. Wiring problems can also be behind the headlights failing to function partially or even completely too. In addition, your headlights can also … Read more

Do Daytime Running Light Count As Headlights?

In most places, daylight running lights/lamps do not count as headlights. As a matter of fact, daytime running lights are not permitted to be used as headlights in the first place, an action which is both illegal and punishable if you dare, according to the dictates of the law. However, a lot of models and … Read more

Can You Drive With One Headlight During The Day?

can you drive with one headlight in the day

Driving with your headlights turned on is mandatory at night only, except in some peculiar situations where visibility is impaired in the day due to fog, smoke or any other thing. At such times, you could get pulled over and punished for driving with only one headlight in the day. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong … Read more

Do You Need Vehicle Headlights During The Day?

do you need headlights in the day

Headlights are needed in most places from sunset to sunrise when it is expected for visibility to be impaired due to darkness. As a matter of fact, if you drive at this time without your headlights, for whatever reason, you are liable to be punished for it. It thus becomes pertinent to ask whether we … Read more

Driving A Vehicle With One Headlight At Night?

can you drive with one headlight in the night

There is a good chance that if you are driving with one headlight at night, you could get pulled over by the cops for reckless driving. It is also the same if you are driving a car with 2 working parking lights up the road. In this case, you can get a citation for disobedience … Read more

Can I Use A Flashlight As A Headlight?


Expectedly, most flashlights are not so highly powered or properly patterned to be used effectively as headlights. However, this does not in any way mean that you cannot use them as flashlights, but if you do that, the arrangement has to meet all basic requirements for a headlight. There are high-intensity headlights( HID) which were … Read more

What Effect Can A Broken Headlight Lens Have On My Headlight?

What Effect Can A Broken Headlight Lens Have On My Headlight

If you have had your vehicle headlight lens broken for one reason or the other, this will most likely get you worried. Of course, as a responsible driver, you would want to know the gravity of what has happened and if there is any effect this can cause to your headlight or even your driving … Read more

Why Are My Headlights Staying On While Driving During The Day?

Basically, headlights are provided in vehicles for use when visibility is reduced, such as at night. Commonly, headlights should be switched off at the onset of light in the mornings and turned on at sundown.  Despite all these, certain conditions may necessitate changes in how and when headlights are used. In this post, I will … Read more