Answers To Common Questions About Broken Headlight Lenses

Issues commonly arise due to problems associated with broken headlight lenses. These problems relate to either partial or complete damage as well as any discolouration in the lens due to oxidation by sunlight. Sometimes, the lens can even get burnt possibly as a fall out of faults in the lens of the second headlight.

2016 Mazda 6 headlight assembly - does anyone know of a "how to" for this repair? Cheaper for me to do it myself by about $380.00 but I can't find anything online

In this post, we will look at some general questions you may have about your broken headlight lenses with the intent of giving answers to them that will benefit readers, if and when they come up against these issues.

What can cause a broken headlight lens?

Unless you have a headlight lens that is not strong enough, it can take serious damage for it to start having crack-lines, start getting cracks and then eventually getting broken. Headlight lenses are a complex system that can get damaged over time. A broken headlight lens is mostly caused by:

  • rough driving that mostly involves running into bumps that start giving the lens cracks, and over time they get broken when triggered by any force.
  • collision with another vehicle or object. In many situations, the headlights are always the first to get the impact when your vehicle collides with an object. This way, the lens can get broken even with the slightest of collisions.
  • as one of the vehicle parts that gets the most wear and tear even when not in use, you could just wake up and see your lens is broken when you try to drive your vehicle.
  • headlight lens can be broken when it has been affected by high temperatures or impacts.
  • the headlights on your vehicle can sometimes wear out after long use and this can get it to start cracking and get broken with time.

Can you fix a broken headlight lens?

Yes, a broken lens can be fixed, depending on the severity of the damage. Most times, having your headlight lens repaired does not fix the problem, and you would have to replace the headlights again in the future if the problem occurs again.

In some cases where the damage is beyond repair, a replacement is recommended. Nevertheless, any repairs or total replacement of headlight lenses is not expensive and can be completed in a short period. If you have the tools and patience, it’s best to replace the lens yourself. You can do fix it without taking your car to a repair shop. But if you can’t, just go to a professional and let them handle it.

What can you do if your headlight lens is broken?

With a broken headlight lens, you are expected to either go on to fix it or replace it if it is badly damaged. Regardless of the extent or nature of the damage to your headlight lens, and whether you would be penalized or not, you are expected to get them fixed or replaced without any undue delay. After all, your safety and the safety of others are much more than the cost of repairing a mere lens. Fortunately, when the damage is a partial one, there are quick and easy DIY procedures you can use in getting the lens promptly repaired.

It is in the interest of everybody to see that you make haste in getting issues or complaints with your headlight lenses resolved without any delay. This will keep you and others on the road safe, as well as prevent you from colliding with the law, which may or may not be lenient, depending on where you live or visit at the time of the issue.

Is it illegal to drive with a broken headlight lens?

It is not just illegal to drive with a broken or damaged headlight lens, it is not an ideal thing to do morally. It is wrong in many ways, especially at night, and worse, when the lens is not working at all. There may be unpleasant dangers of driving at night with a broken headlight. A damaged headlight lens can cause you to not see clearly with your headlights because it would leave jagged pieces of lens that would be casting images/shadows on the road.

Can the cops pull you over for a broken headlight lens?

Yes, the cops are most likely going to pull you over for driving with a broken headlight lens when they see you. However, what will eventually happen will depend on the extent of damage to the lens. For example, your headlights lens can get broken but headlights may still be working perfectly. In such situations, you can get off easily with a mere warning that you should get them fixed as soon as possible.

However, if the broken lens has the headlights not working at all and you happen to be driving with it at night, you may not be lucky enough to escape with just a mere warning. This simply means that you may end up being served a ticket or paying a fine for dangerous driving because that is just what you are doing in the real sense.

It is okay to repair a broken headlight lens?

Yes, it is very proper to repair a broken headlight lens, as long as doing so will reverse whatever issues you may have with it. Such problems include minor cracks in the lens, which can be readily sealed with commonly available sealants. However, in the event where repairs are not guaranteed to reverse the complaints, your only option will be to get the bad lens replaced altogether. So, whether you can do it or not, will depend on the severity and nature of damage to the lens.

Can you replace the lens on a headlight?

Yes, you can replace the lens of your headlights when they are broken, especially where they cannot be repaired to make them work properly. All you need to do this is to make sure that you get a perfect match of replacement lens that will work well with your make or model of vehicle headlight, and what is more, it costs little or nothing to get this done quickly.

How much does it cost to replace a headlights lens?

The cost of replacing either damaged or broken headlight lenses will first, depend on the type of lens you have, and second, on the cost of the lens at the place you plan to get the job done. This is because the price of the lens varies depending on its type. All in all, to replace a damaged headlight lens, may cost you anything between 60 to 195 dollars, depending, of course, on several factors, which include the vehicle’s year of manufacture, make, model, and so on.

Luckily, the replacement of headlight lenses is more or less a straightforward procedure that may not require the use of more than just a screwdriver to fully accomplish satisfactorily. The cost for the labour of this replacement may not exceed about 50 dollars. This means that for you to have a reliable idea of the overall cost for headlight lens replacement, you should add 50 dollars( for the labour) to the cost of the lens itself, and you are home safe.

Where can you buy a new headlight lens?

If you are looking to replace your headlight lens when they are broken, the best place to get new ones would be local auto shops near you or reliable online stores like Amazon. Here is a Google map link to help point you in the right direction to locate auto (repair) shops very close to you in your region, and here is a link to take you to the page on Amazon where you can search through available headlight lenses to get the best headlight lens compatible for your vehicle.

The best glue to use for headlight lens repair to avoid replacing it

When you see that your headlight lens is getting cracks, you do not have to wait for it to get completely broken before you start running around to get it fixed or replaced. A very strong glue can still help snap back your headlight lens to hold it in place long enough to prevent them from getting completely damaged and forcing you to replace them. This Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue or this Silicone Sealant from Amazon will do a perfect job for you. They can be used in many instances where a permanent elastic rubber seal is required, they can adhere to glass, metal and most plastics, can fit in a standard caulking gun, work faster and hold stronger, can set in seconds with maximum bond, has a long, pinpoint nozzle for precise application, dries fast and will only leave a transparent film; especially the Loctite Super Glue.Car crash with headlamp broken for transportation accident 2438330 Stock Photo at Vecteezy

If you are worried about a broken headlight lens, there is nothing much to worry about as long as you have it at the back of your mind that you would be fixing/replacing the lens as soon as possible. You can choose to do this yourself or take it to a shop for repairs so that you can keep yourself and others safe. You may be surprised that many types of breaks are easily repaired.
If you must also replace your headlight lens, you should always purchase a high-quality lens that is made from the best materials possible. These lenses will last a long time and will be easy to care for. And of course, a quality lens will help your headlights look great for a long time too.

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