Is 20000 Lumens Bright For Headlights?

20000 lumen headlights

Headlights are an essential component of any vehicle, providing much-needed illumination when driving in low light conditions. However, many drivers are often confused by the different rating systems used to describe the brightness of headlights. One such rating is lumens, a unit of measurement that … Read more

9004 vs 9007 Wiring Diagram


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Are Bright Headlights Illegal?

bright light

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How To Test Headlights Without a Car


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What To Do If Auto Headlights Are Not Working


Auto headlights are an essential component of your car’s safety system, ensuring you can clearly see the road ahead and that other drivers can see you. However, like any other car part, headlights can malfunction and fail to work correctly. This can be a frustrating … Read more

Why Do Headlights Stay On When Car Is Off


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How Long Can Car Lights Stay On Before Battery Dies?

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Why Do Car Lights Dim When Accelerating?

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Why do Dodge Ram Led Headlights Keep Flickering?

dodge ram led headlight

Dodge ram is a popular brand of pickup trucks that has been known for its ruggedness and reliability. The Dodge Ram has been a favorite of many drivers for decades, and with the introduction of led headlights, the truck has become even more popular. However, … Read more

Can I Leave My Headlights On Auto?

As a vehicle owner, you may have found yourself wondering whether you can leave your headlights on auto. The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no as it depends on various factors. The auto feature on your headlights is designed to … Read more